Saturday, 6 October 2012

201 WOW!


The number of followers for @Hol_Romani on Twitter has gone over the 200 mark, in fact it's 201 this morning.
As you know that also means that our message about the work we do here in Romania  with orphans, under-privileged and special needs children also gets out there.
Now I know people can come and people can go just as easily, but I just feel so pleased, honoured, humbled by the interest that is shown in what we are doing here in Romania.
As a very small new start up business in this remote, largely unknown part of the world, the social media is our prime means of getting our message out there. We don't have a big advertising budget or anything, so it is vital.
That is why we are so grateful to all of our followers for the re-tweets we receive to help us spread the word about the works we do with the children here.
Yesterday our Tweets, Blogs and websites were re-tweeted to over 30,000 other people, and that means so much to us.
It is simple mathematics, if a follower has five followers of his own, and each of those has five followers, and each of those has five followers, and they all re-tweet then within seconds of getting a new message out there 125 people have seen it and passed it on. It's an enormous asset to have, and followers and Re-Tweeters you are that great asset.
Yes we are a business, we have to make our living out of doing this too, but if we had the funds to to this for free, believe us we would.
So, we are so grateful to all of those people who are helping us like this, businesses and individuals.
Businesses like U-DO, HODGEPODGEFUN, DaveAlbano, flincauk, CMCCONSULTINGUS, Casamon_, ecomodo, PurpleDog, BusinessRT, ukbusinessnet.....and these are only some of the more recent ones.
I won't name the much much greater number of individuals in this Blog, because I don't think it is right to put their name out without permission from them, but we really do thank you all enormously, hopefully you know who you are.
Thank you so much to all of you, from all of us, from the children, and from our hearts.


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  1. Again, well done!! You deserve it, and above all THANK YOU.


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