Monday, 8 October 2012


UPDATE:  If you have read this Blog and feel that you have missed out don't despair, take a look at the great news in my later Blog and also look at the updated Volunteer Romania website as these prices are probably the best and cheapest for a fully supported volunteer with children programme anywhere in the world.


Hopefully you will have seen and read about the special offer on Volunteer Romania.
If you book by the 10th October, four volunteers pay the fee for three, in other words a massive 25% discount!
Why does the offer have to end on the 10th October?

I have been wondering to myself if anyone out there reading the offer has been thinking the same question, so I thought it might be worthwhile trying to explain.

Why can't it always be this cheap?

Well, it's actually simple arithmetic.
It actually costs us a certain amount to run our programme's with the children, and those costs are rising, in just the same way as costs are rising everywhere else in the world. This special offer doesn't mean that it costing us any less, and we have already done as much as we can to keep the original prices as low as we can.
The price includes costs for;

  • The volunteer programme with the children itself (materials, treats, entrance fees, and sometimes food as well, etc)
  • Transfers to and fro the programme 
  • Accommodation with us for the whole length of your stay
  • Three meals a day
  • Drinks, tea, coffee, juice, water.
  • Airport transfers, including meet and greet by well as the horrible farewells
  • 24hr a day support and advice
  • Translation
  • Etc., etc
We also add a little bit to cover our own costs and expenses and that's it, but it all adds up!
Despite this I still believe that Volunteer Romania's standard fees are amongst the cheapest in the world of volunteering for such a fully supported programme.
We have been able to offer this discount up until 10th October simply because we did that arithmetic I mentioned earlier.
Deposits we collect now can be invested, and the interest that money makes helps to make up the shortfall between October and our peak volunteering period in Spring and Summer.
We have also been able to purchase some things up front this year, and obtain a lower cost, but that is unlikely to happen in future years.
We have also been able to trim our own expenses for fuel for heating, electrics, etc, but with those prices constantly on the rise it is also a 'one-off'.
So, it's simple, beyond 10th October our costs rise for some of these elements of our spending, and beyond 10th October we aren't able to make up the difference in interest gained.

Anyway, I hope this made interesting reading, and I hoped it shed some light on why such a great offer can't be permanent.........we really wish it could be. by 10th October 2012 to join us at any time in the future and get this great discount on probably the best volunteering with children experience you can have

Take care, hope to see you some time soon.


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