Monday, 1 October 2012


If you didn't already realize Holiday Romania and Volunteer Romania are one and the same!
Our primary aim is to bring volunteers from all over the world to help with the orphaned, special needs and disadvantaged children we work with.
This is my own blog, but it will always be linked to the work that we do with those kids, because we love it, and to try and promote Romania worldwide as the wonderful country that it is, and do you know that so many people don't even know where Romania is, hence the new map.
We know that volunteering is an expensive business. 
The wonderful Blight family from America, who volunteered with us for
two weeks. They created so many smiles on the children's faces
and have a place in our hearts forever.
Our volunteer programmes provide for full 24 hour support for the people who come here, including accommodation, food, transport, materials for the programmes, etc, etc, and the occasional treats for the kids, so maybe you can understand why those costs are so high, even though we have done our best to cut them to the bone.
Holiday Romania was something we decided to do primarily for those people who can't afford to volunteer  but would still like to visit. We can cater for individual hosteller's as well as families, for a very very cheap price, and the little that we do make from holiday stayers goes into our funds for working with the children.
Over the last year we have had over 60 people stay with us, both holidaying and volunteering, and everyone who visits gets to leave their mark here with a handprint on our handprint wall. They also take a little of Romania with them in their hearts, and so many want to return, they will always be welcome.


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