Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Just a few [pictures from yesterday and today showing how our world has suddenly been changed by the snow and has become even more beautiful.

Still about 5 to 8 inches more snow to come over the next few days, and its's 10.15 in the morning now and still only -6 deg C out there.
I know that may not sound good, but it is so so beautiful, how can anyone complain?


Just us playing with our puppy in the snow

Yesterdays view from the window of Angie's room

The view yesterday morning up the street

The view yesterday morning down the street

The view yesterday morning from 'Bob's' room

The villages one and only cockney speaking Romanian
about to throw a snowball at us

The road through the forest into Deva

The hilly bit of the road into Deva
The town square in Deva
Town square in Deva in front of The Casa de Cultura

About to go down the hill on the way back to the village

This mornings sunrise

This mornings sunrise from 'Bob's' room, icicles and warm smoke

Sunrise this morning from the window of Angie's room

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  1. Nice photos! We've had about 8/9 inches of snow in Bucharest so far. Personally, I can't stand the stuff. Looks pretty for a while, but makes getting around town a real pain in the behind, especially after the snow ploughs have piled the stuff up on the pavements and it's knee high!

    Good to see some pics of Deva. I worked in the area for a few years on and off in the mid noughties.

    All the snowy best from another expat in Romania.


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