Monday, 18 March 2013


The Castle overlooking our nearby city, Deva

This is the front of our house
This is the small house that 8 of you will sleep in bunk beds.
It has it's own wet room,with stand up shower as well as a small sitting room

These 2 pictures are of our guest bedroom, which has it's own
small en-suite bathroom

This is Hunedoara Castle, that you will be visiting

this is a typical daily view in our village, and this would constitute a traffic
jam where we live
This is the Casa de Cultura in Deva

This is our lounge with it's open fire, hopefully we won't need it. This is
overlooked from a galleried landing between the two upstairs bedrooms

This is our painted village church which sits high on the hill overlooking
the valley

Another typical sight in the village, this, or the odd escaped pig!

This is the second room that 5 of you will be sleeping in, as you can
see we still have to put the beds back after it's Spring clean

The en-suite bath that 5 of you will share

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