Wednesday, 8 March 2017


We now have five dogs.
Our original three girls:

Joli a Romanian mongrel who was abandoned on our property as a puppy, she is now 7 years old and everybody's strict Auntie.
Plus the two litter sisters, German Shepherds called Florica and Natasha. They are about 2 1/2 years old now but they both still think and act and bounce and jump like 3 month old puppies and can at times tease their auntie to distraction.
Then there are the two boys:
Younger days when they got along

Beni, now one year old. A Romanian terrier-like bouncy mongrel who grew to be a little bit bigger than we thought he would and who is unfortunately now getting a  bit too big for his boots.

Jeri, about 9 months old now, he is a Romanian Shepherd Dog, (Ciobanesc Mioritic He is a big, massive-pawed ball of white and grey fluff, full of fun and love.
We got Beni to try and give the two German Shepherds a younger play pal tin an attempt to give Auntie Joli a little peace and quiet.
Jeri wasn't planned, he just arrived.
I will tell their full stories over the next few Blogs, but our aim is to try and find good homes for them both individually.
Although they loved each other and were inseparable as puppies, they have decided that they can't get along and need to be kept separated.
Their dispute with each other is affecting the girls to the point where they are very guarded with both, so, much as we are really going to miss them, they need to move on to be with new people who can give them all of the love, time and devotion that they both deserve.
They get on wonderfully with people, and it seems with other dogs, but only when they are outside of the 'pack' environment that we seem to have created at home.

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