Friday, 28 September 2012


I apologize for the quality of this picture, but it was taken quickly and from a  distance on a not very good phone camera.
I had to put it up on here though, it is so beautiful.
This is a Roma lady, a true Romanian gypsy, wearing her traditionally bright and colourful clothes. When she sat down in front of the new fountain in Deva we just couldn't resist taking the photograph, it is so perfect.
Her look into the distance and that slightly enigmatic smile reminds me of The Mona Lisa. I wish we could have taken it on our best camera.
We see these ladies all of the time when we are working at the orphanage in Deva, and unlike most people we said hello to them, so now every day when they pass, they smile and nod a greeting. They are walking up from the gypsy houses that are on the other side of the railway tracks into the centre of Deva, to shop or just to promenade a little, always dressed in these beautiful brightly coloured clothes.
It really brightens my day to see them.


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