Monday, 3 September 2012

3 months since I last wrote on here, not very good is it? 
Must do better!
It shows how busy we have been though over the summer. We have been helping to care for orphaned and disabled children together with 2 volunteers from Ireland, as well as a number of local people who helped enormously.
If you want to know more have a look at volunteer site on

We also attended the Annual International Art Camp at The Waldorf School in Simeria. This was our second year there and it really is a great time. Last year we had a volunteer here who taught Still Frame Animation, as well as two others, one who taught Traditional Chinese Crafts, and another who led a Music Workshop. This year we continued with the animation, and I was the teacher!!! 
The Art Camp is attended by people of all ages and also includes traditional crafts such as woodworking, quilling, macrami, and dance, as well as Theatre in the English Language, Orchestra, and Gymnastics and much much more. It's open to anyone from wherever they are in the world to come and teach, or just to join in. Just like every other activity at the Camp the animation went fantastically and we all had a great week. Take a look at all of the results on their webpage,

Don't worry, Google translate will do if you don't speak Romanian!

Apart from all of that we have continued the work on the house, continued to tend our garden and also eaten or preserved the produce we have picked from it, which is a wonderful thing to be able to do.

So, it has been a really really busy time, and that's my excuse for not blogging as often as I should, so let's hope I can do better in future.


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