Monday, 17 September 2012


OK OK I admit it, I haven't written for 3 days.
No excuses, just haven't been sure what to write.
We've also been busy on Twitter. 
Somehow, someway, we need to convert interest we have in our websites (  and into bookings, and twitter appears to be the best means we have of generating interest in the sites.
The strange thing is that it doesn't appear to matter what we write on Twitter. We tried for a long time to be informative about Romania, about us and about the kids, but didn't get much interest.   
Then my other 'alf (She who must be obeyed above all others) started putting up quotations about children and then children's jokes, all of which I re-twitted. 
Guess what? Interest and hits on the sites!
Such a random thing to happen, what a daft world we live in.
Still no inquiries or bookings though, so what should we Tweet today?
The simple truth of it is that without the bookings and the income they generate our work with the kids here will have to stop for a while until we have some money again, and that is the last thing we want. We love that work too much, we love the kids too much.
This year we had a great family from America who all came stay and volunteer together. It was  a bit of a dream come true as we had spoken before about how great it would be for whole families to volunteer together and here they were, and they were everything that we had dreamed a family could be, and more. They were absolutely fantastic with the kids, and they made full use of their time taking trips to places they wanted to see and staying in hostels, as a family.
We also had two young ladies from Ireland, both of whom were adopted as babies from Romania. This was their first trip back and it was a real emotional roller coaster for them. They made me realize something that I should have realized long ago, and that is that occasionally this programme can be more about benefiting the volunteers who come than it is about the children we work with. One of those young ladies wants to come back for a holiday soon, and bring her baby daughter with her and we can't wait to see them.

Oh! For those of you who have read earlier blogs and been waiting for photos of the mad karaoke and party nights. I'm afraid we didn't go, so you will just have to wait until next time for pictures of us, but I will post some up when we get pics from our friends who did go, we know they had a great time.
In the meantime here is a picture of me doing karaoke with the effect I was having on a younger fan. I think it was Eric Clapton's Cocaine that did it!


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