Sunday, 30 September 2012


It's a really good job that we have a large garden here in Romania. Somehow, someway, our little pack of dogs has grown to four in number since we got here, and our dogs live with us, entirely integrated as part of the family.
Now I say 'little' but that doesn't mean that they are all little dogs.

Let's start with Florica. She is a German Shepherd, now very nearly 3 years old unbelievably, and we have been loving her since she was 6 weeks old!. She travelled with us when we came over from England. She was so quiet in the back of the car during the trip that we had to stop to check that she was still with us, but she pee'd on Belgium and pooed on Austria, and that was about it (and yes, before you ask, we did clear up after her, much to the amazement of others at the service area we were in!)!.
When we arrived at our house after about a 26 hour journey, she leaped straight out of the back of the car to play excitedly with Joli, a dog who has been her 'sister' ever since that moment. They loved each other so much at first sight and just romped around the garden together and whenever they sleep, they always cuddle. Joli is a Romanian mongrel who was abandoned onto our property when she was about 10 weeks old. We were in England at the time, but a friend of ours, Alex, was living in our house here and looking after it at the time. He called us and told us about her and he named her after his favourite bar in Deva. 
Then we have Ursu, which in Romanian means 'Little Bear', another little Romanian mongrel, about 7 years old, who we are 'looking after' for some friends who moved to England last year. He is the smallest of all of the dogs, but also the oldest and loudest and most bossy. He jumps fences and takes himself off for walks around the village occasionally, but always comes home after about half an hour to be greeted enthusiastically by the rest of his little pack. Although he lived a typical Romanian life before of very rarely being allowed indoors, he is now fully into life like and Englishman's dog and he loves his little home comforts!
Last but not least we have Boz. Boz is a very nearly 2 year old Caucasian Shepherd Dog who we acquired as a 3 month old puppy (He was soooo cute!). Now, I know that most people from other countries are unlikely to know this breed. They come from the mountains in a part of Russia and are bred to protect livestock from bears, so they are big, very big. he is the biggest softest puppy you could ever meet, although he is always scared of strangers and runs away from them. He loves his home life and his cuddles and fusses, and believe me, whenever I return home and he leaps up, puts his paws on my shoulders and gives me a kiss......I know I've been kissed! In the mornings when I wake too, he always leaps on the bed to say good morning, which is an experience not to be missed if you are a dog lover!
I love it, John and I are definitely part of their pack, and wherever we are they are never far away, and they always want to play! In the evenings, after they have been fed, then it is their favourite time, when we sit, find something stupid to watch on TV and they all curl up with us in their favourite spots.
We can never be lonely with this lot around and they are always making us smile!


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