Monday, 3 September 2012


Is it really possible to have a really great, warm, fun packed, worthwhile holiday away from Britain for just £300, including the cost of your flight?
The answer is an emphatic YES!
And here is how.
Flights are available from Luton Airport for £100 return and upwards (it depends on how far out you book your flight obviously!). Look at the Wizzair website (no they don't have outside toilets!) to see for yourself
Airport transfers by bus and taxi to our home city, Deva, will cost around £20.
Seven nights stay with us on a hostel basis will cost £70.
Total so far £190, leaving £110 to spend.
So, I can hear you say, What will £110 cover? Not much!
Let's play a game with the money, after all it's not real yet is it?
£110 will buy you around 180 50cl (just under a pint) beers here (and the local beer is great!). Even I can't drink that much in a week!
£110 will buy you around 40 really good pizzas here.
£110 will buy you around 55 cocktails here.
£110 will buy you around 110 glasses of wine here.
A night of drinks at the best karaoke bar in Deva costs around £15 a head, but only if you drink a lot, and it doesn't close until the last customer leaves! (Have you ever gone into a bar at 10 o'clock at night only to re-emerge and find out that it is light outside? We have and it's great)
One ticket to get into Corvin Castle in Hunedoara (One of Draculas!) will cost about 80p.
A return train ticket to Sibiu (2007 European capital of Culture) will cost you around £12.
If you travel everywhere by taxi for the whole of your stay it will cost you around £45 for the whole week! But buses are great and cost almost nothing! Or do what all of the locals do and hitch a ride because it's safe to do so.
.A trip up to the Cetate (The fortress on the hill overlooking Deva) about £1.50, and the views from up there are fantastic!
A set breakfast will cost you around £3, and a set lunch about the same. Local food but it's great.
So you can enjoy sitting on one of the many bar terraces on a warm evening, eating the food and just watching the world go by, as almost all families come out to enjoy the evening until about midnight. But the bars stay open as long as you want them to!
The weather here is fantastic too. Up to 40 deg C throughout July and August, and even throughout September the temperatures go up to the mid 30's.
It might cool a bit and we may have a little rain in October, but we are still talking of temperature well into the 20's. 
A walk in the beautiful countryside surrounding us costs nothing, nor does a chat with the locals in the village who love the fact that people visit us from all over the world and love to chat.
Most younger people here also speak at least some English (which is making it almost impossible for me to learn Romanian properly because they love to practice it!) so language is no problem either.
So I think my case is proven Dr Watson, you CAN have a sunshine holiday in a beautiful country, full of wonderful people for about £300.
 I would love to know if anyone thinks it can be done more cheaply anywhere else!

Just go to to get started!


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