Wednesday, 12 September 2012


So what does Wednesday bring us?
Well, it's the middle of the week....................obviously!
While all of the other people in the village have been carrying on with all of the necessary chores they have to do we allowed ourselves some time to concentrate on other things.

We have been invited to a 20's, 30's' 40's, 50' and 60's fancy dress party on Friday night and we have been trying to work out what to wear.
We had some ideas but nothing fully sorted, so, when you are in that sort of a quandary here in Romania what do you do?
You head for the second-hand clothes store of course!

Yes yes I know there are second-hand clothes shops in Britain too (sorry don't know about anywhere else), but in these you really can find a real bargain occasionally. Prices start from 1 Lei per item and go up to about 5 Lei in most shops. If I tell you that at the moment £1 is worth 5.50 lei, then you might realise just how cheap we are talking.
Conveniently, most of the second-hand stores in town are situated quite close to each other.
This is an odd phenomenon in Romania, similar businesses do group together in specific areas of town. 
There is one area that we call the 'funeral' area because that's where all of the funeral parlours are, and another that we call the 'flower' area, because that's where all of the flower shops are (not too far from the funeral parlours, obviously!). So it isn't too difficult to cruise through all of the shops looking for bargains, or in our case, just looking for inspiration.
So that's where we have been today, trying to get ourselves ready for the next part of our hectic social lives.
Tomorrow night as well is our regular Karaoke night at John's Bar ( 
Apparently it is going to be different night too, because an old friend is returning from France and we all want to make it a special night for her. Lots of plans being made for that one, about what songs we will sing, how we will dress, etc. Maybe, just maybe, we will put some photographs, or perhaps a video on the blog so you can all see how great a night it is.
Deva is full of great places to go, great cafe's, bars, restaurants, there are so many places to choose from. 
Avoid places called 'Nightclubs' though, unless you want to go somewhere where ladies perform in various stages of undress that is! 
Places to dance here are still called Discos, or just stick to the bars, you can dance and sing in all of them anyway, and they only close when you leave!
Well we ended up not buying anything today, but we will be back again soon, trying to snap up a bargain or two. As for the parties, we have them sorted, but we are keeping it all secret until the nights.
You will just have to wait for the photos and videos won't you?


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